Morning Routine Tips for a Successful Day!

It's no secret that your Morning Routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. Yet, so many of us don't realise how our success each day, week, month or year is influenced by our morning habits.

If you want to make the most out of your morning and hoping to set yourself up for success each day, here are our top three tips for a successful morning routine and by extension a successful year!

TIP #1: Consistent Timing

Your body needs to create a rhythm for you to be able to wake up in the morning. So, choose a time to wake up each morning and stick with it.

TIP #2: Choose your breakfast options in Advance

Another major hindrance to productivity in the morning is procrastination and nothing feeds procrastination more than being indecisive. Pre-plan your meals for the day to save you loads of time on decision making.

TIP#3: Create a Plan of Action

People underestimate the power of planning your daily activities and often compare those who do to being "control-freaks" or "overwhelming" but being able to create a plan and have an idea of how, what, when and where gives you peace of mind and keeps you on track when there so much to get done. 

The only way to truly ensure you're staying on track is to create a plan of action, that is, an hierarchy of how your days should go each week. This will prevent you from focusing on the mundane and often insignificant aspects of your morning like whether you should brush your teeth before or after breakfast. Everything is all a matter of preference but your focus for each  day is productivity and to ensure you are maximizing on your hours, creating and sticking to your plan of action is of the utmost importance.

TIP#4: Start on time
As I'm sure you have gathered by now, time is of the essence, so while we are allowing for the unforeseen happenings of the day, it is vital that you try to stick to your daily plans as much as possible and start on time!

Whether you are working from home, taking online classes or running a business, starting on time can be the difference between finishing your tasks for the day with time to relax and rejuvenate and taking time away from yourself frantically trying to get back the time you lost.

Most importantly, make sure that your daily routine and the rest of your day are in sync and always allow yourself to make mistakes along the way, creating the perfect morning routine that fits your time constraints and lifestyle is only possible through trial and error. So, even if you wake up late, spill coffee on your shirt or stump your toe on the dresser it's all a learning experience!

Have fun and stay fabulous lovies!

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