20 Questions to ask on your Dream Life Journey

20 Questions to ask on your Dream Life Journey

This year, we are all about helping you to become the best version of yourself and if I am right so are you but you're just not sure what the whole idea of a dream life journey is and even more importantly how to get there. If this sound like you don't worry we've all been there, doubting the path we've taken for our life, the vision we have for the life we are meant to live and even our ability to get there.

Now trying to figure out just what you want your life to be like can be a pretty daunting task but I promise you that's just how it seems. A few years ago, I was literally in your shoes. I had no idea where I wanted my life to take me. For a while, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted out of life but I soon came to realize that I wanted my life to take a completely different path. I wanted a life that would allow me to be a creative, to step out of my comfort zone just a bit. In fact, my dream life journey start with blogging well to be more specific, writing. It may sound pretty vague but it is just at you see it. I absolutely love being able to share stories with like-minded people, to share experiences capable of changing someone's outlook on a situation, even if just for a moment. So, I started writing books just for the fun of it, whatever came to mind was a chance for me to put pen to paper and create a masterpiece of my own. Then, I wanted to share those stories to a wider audience so I started a blog and decided to run my first online magazine.

From that moment, I knew I couldn't turn back, I knew that no matter what I did in life there had to always be room for my creativity to shine. I started to build on my vision for my life and soon more of my passions came to the forefront and everything just seemed to fall into place. This allowed to really set my vision in stone and begin to create a lifestyle that would allow me to be my true authentic self. After working on it for months now, I have really formed a vision for where I want to live, what my work life would entail, the types of activities I would take part in and call my own. And honestly, it is still a work in progress but I can't think of anything I want more than to continue building on my passions, potential and ultimately bringing my dream life into full force.

I share this because designing your dream life isn't just about fancy clothes and a pretty aesthetic, it's about living a life where you wake up everyday with a sense of gratitude, fulfilment, content  - a pure love for everything you are, have and are yet to accomplish. It's about living a life without fear or doubt about what could happen or even what is yet to be. It's about knowing that no matter what happens in life no matter what obstacles you face, what trials or tribulations come your way that you have reached a level of happiness within yourself and with your life that cannot falter.

I know you may still be a bit skeptical but I challenge you to just imagine what you're life could be like if you believed in yourself and what you could achieve. How much would you life change if you put aside your self-doubt and just went for it?

Now with that image in mind, here are some questions you can ask on your dream life journey that have helped me to define what I want in life and how I was going to achieve it.

Questions to Ask on Your Dream Life Journey

What I really love about these questions is that they really allow you to dive deep into what matters the most in your life. Another really awesome thing about these questions is that you can always make them your own and answer the prompts in as much or as little detail as you’d like. However, we do recommend that you do be as detailed as you can because remember this is a time for ‘self discovery’ which means it is not a time to hold back, instead it’s a time for change, correction, improvement.

♡ How would I describe myself in 3 words?

♡ What do I value the most in life?

♡ What do I want to be known for?

♡ What is my main focus for my life?

♡ What does the dream life mean to me?

♡ What are my intentions behind go after my dream life? {your why...}

♡ How does going after my dream life make me feel?

♡ What would you sacrifice for your dream life?

♡ What would the ideal day in my life look like?

♡ How would you describe you ideal self?

♡ What changes can I make today to ensure I maintain a path to my dream life?

♡ What habits form a part of my dream life?

♡ What do I want more of in my life?

♡ What’s the one thing that fills me with more joy than anything? {something you want more of in your life}

♡ What career path is part of my dream life?

♡ What is the one thing that fills me with anxiety and fear? {something you want less of in your life}

♡ If money was no object, what would be my life goals?

♡ What limiting beliefs are holding me back from living my dream life?

♡ What changes do I want to see in the next {1, 2, 5 months or years}?

♡ If you had to write a letter to your future self, what would you say?

In answering these questions on your dream life journey, it is important that you remember that there are no right or wrong answers here, don’t focus on whether you are saying or thinking the right things, just be free and focus on how you’re feeling as you answer each one. Also, don’t feel any pressure to complete them all at once, the journey to your dream life is a marathon that requires endurance and the right mindset.

As you go through each question, I compel you to be completely honest with yourself and if you notice that in answering you are leaning towards a different path, no worries, it’s all apart of the process. By the time you reach #20 on the list you’ll really that you know exactly what you want and ALWAYS have!

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How far are you on your dream life journey? What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Comment down below to share some inspiration 🙂

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